About Allù Jewels

Sometimes a random event make us change our lives.
It can be afortuitos encounter, a lost flight, or a friend’s request … it was like that for me one day of seven years ago. A friend journalist asked me to borrow a necklace, among those that I was delighted to realize.

At that time my contract as a psycho-pedagogist had just expired and for pure passion I was training myself to create fashion accessories with some stones that my father had brought me from abroad.

My colorful necklace – worn by my handsome friend – was noticed in Milan by a journalist from Elle, who immediately falls in love with it at a glance, asking me to create a photo shooting. From that lucky coincidence it arose the fairy story of the brand Allù Jewels (from the name of Allegra, my first daughter, as well as an assonance with the English “all you”).

After that service in Elle magazine, Glamor, Repubblica, Cult, and many magazines of the sector followed … so everything changed, I put aside my previous occupation, and I launched myself into the world of jewelry design.

My work is totally handmade: every year I create a summer and a winter collection, with about 100 pieces for each model, all unique and original, while keeping prices affordable. At each season I change the packaging, which I pay full attention to.

Born in Milan from a Milanese mother and a father from Palermo, I shuttled between these two cities, with a Roman parenthesis. After graduating in Psycho-pedagogy and a Masters in Public Relations in Europe, I worked for several years in communication and fashion sector in Milan. From the past eleven years I have been living in Palermo, where I have my beloved family: Manfredi, Allegra and Alessandro Maria.

My entrepreneurial activity is inextricably linked to the sun of my Sicily and the Mediterranean: I love to inspire myself with the sand and the Sicilian land using warm colors like dark gold, bronze and all the shades of the natural horn, I love materials like brass , resins and leather. My accessories (bracelets, necklaces and earrings) are large and showy, but simple in materials, complete with closures in comfortable leather, which now are becoming my “trademark”.

The lines are essential and geometric: they evoke large circles, triangles, squares, long sticks and waves. I love regular and bold shapes.

The materials come mainly from my careful research between Vietnam and China, where over the years I have built collaborative relationships with trusted contacts.

The refined style of my collections has allowed me to gain success all over Italy in a short time: the Allù jewels are displayed in various niche events and can be found in different concept stores related to art and culture, located between Cortina, Capri , Rome, Milan, Catania and the Aeolian Islands. In Palermo, where I have my personal showroom, I receive by appointment my friends and clients, that I help to choose among my collection with care and attention.

My bijoux are adressed to the young woman in movement between family and work, who loves comfortable and basic outfits to be elated with unique accessories …

My creations gives that inevitable touch of strong personality …I love all women to wear an accessory that makes them unique … in a moment!